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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  April 23, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> we will tell yu what happened at an oakland university. the coounity watch volunteer who shot treyvon martin is out on abil >> there is a lot of cloud
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cover. low clouds and fog. this afternoon, some clearing. mid 60's and patch fog as we head into the overnight hours. >>aa new accident in san jose. light conditions on the roads. >> a man breaks up an armed
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robbery at the ampm. that is where will tran is live. >> this is one of the busiest gas stations. he was dropping off his gas. the woman was packing a gun demanding money from the cashier.the man was able to
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wrestle the gun away from the woman and lock her out the store.
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>>oikos university is set to be reopened today. here was the scene of the shooting three weeks ago. a former student is in cutody charged with 7 counts of murder and 3 counts of attempted murder. >>asian stocks and european stocks have dropped.
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the dow has fallen back below 13,000. >george zimmerman was realeased from jain on $150,000 bail and witha a monitoring device. >>mirkirimi will be scrutinized by the ethics committee today.
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>>justine: and april northeastern storm is bringing rain and snow to i'm really going to miss you.
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of their riches to the macarthur maze westbound at least 18 minutes syria is light on the upper deck. when we spoke with caltrans they said maybe we can adjust the speed a little bit and move them through a little more quickly keeping traffic out of the macarthur waste your ride on the san mateo bridge, no surprises or problems here. it is an easy commute. your ride to the golden gate has been problem free so far this morning as well. we have been looking at the south bay at an accident reported at 101 and northbound on story road. according to the chp there was a large amount of debris dropped in the roadway. appears as though they have already managed to cleared
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up. you do not really see much in the way of slow traffic in the northbound direction. for the mid peninsula commute we're starting to pick up some delays through mountain view fet 5 interchange. >>mark: a powerful nor'easter is fronting when the storm warnings, cities along the eastern seaboard are expecting rain and wind theory f in a boston they are expecting 4 in. of rain to fall during the morning hours. >>darya: and gas prices are falling. according to the latest surveys this is the first
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decline since december. the average price nationwide is down to $3.91 a gallon. the average statewide is down as a for all seen sens. it is about these senseless and was a couple with the bill. marcel mother roger clemens for retrial is moving into the next phase 3 meeting harry and opening artemisias tomorrow, the judge hoax to get to the earth was in the case here in his heel and lying to congress for when he testified remember took steroids or human growth hormones. >>darya: mitt romney may be the likely republican presidential nominee but that does not mean he has stopped campaigning for the nomination. he spoke at a lincoln day dinner and pennsylvania before the state hopes to mount. instead of mention in his zeal to new rivals, he took eight aim at president obama. >> he likes to say that he inherited the recession.
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that is the fault of george bush. it is true that he did not cause a recession but he did not get things better. he did not get the recovery under way fast enough. as a result, people continued to suffer. he was to take credit for any improvement but if you look at everything he has done, the things he has done have not helped. if >>darya: along with a subpoena, connecticut, delaware, new york in oralist wall of the vote ends on abuses whole thought >>mark: the senate home and security committee wants to find out if what transpired was a one time event or a pattern of misconduct. the scandal involves 11
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members of the military installed secret service members. flickr members have lost jobs, five remain on the minister of lead in what had been partially cleared. >>darya: a fireball over the sierra was a meteor burning up in the earth's atmosphere. law enforcement was flooded with phone calls after each a.m. yesterday. witnesses say they saw hall like a fireball streaking across the sky. there was a big bang that rattled windows and shook homes. astronomers believe that the meteor broke up before reaching her. >>mark: a live tech outside on this monday morning. this is the approach is to sfo. we already have some 75 minute delays being reported due to the cloud cover. as
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is a live look at the golden gate harry f. record down continues today appeared right now in nevada, 55, looking for 55 at noon. had 63 for a high with temperatures falling back down to the upper 50s by 80 and various the north korean military says they will launch special action soon and that is meant to wipe out the south korean government. for this was announced on a north korean state media. it was a statement from the
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military and it says that the actions will last four minutes and reduce the self's administration. this threat follows u.s. condemnation of the north korean want of a long-range rocket that field and exploded shortly after liftoff. >>darya: in southern california, one person was hurt when a massive explosion rocked a mcdonald's. >> thought it was a bomb or something, have a vague fear if the flames were shooting up. >> we thought mcdonald's was going to go on fire. >>darya: the firebird the driver of the truck and several others escaped without injury.
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>>darya: the crime spree shutdown interstate 80 for six hours on friday 50th fair to carjackings and a man was attacked on a stolen tractor as a part of this crime spree. sheriff's deputies then surrendered an apartment building and exchanged gunfire with someone inside. third >> he looked crazed. >> jasmine weaver remained inside of her apartment while the standoff between the suspect and deputies to place. she snapped this picture of the whole that the suspect created in she watched from a theory which he would do next. >> i saw some flickering in the fire started to ignite. i saw him alighting the fire. >> you what some light a fire? >> guests. >> deputies evacuated residents that they could get out without letting them in harm's way. if many residents have followed the events from earlier in the day. eventually she was able to
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leave her apartment. the >> were you scared? >> yes. i was very scared. >> the suspect has been identified. family members say that his marriage was falling apart and he had been awaiting felony robbery charges. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues until 7:00. here is a live look monday morning as we see a form of on 680 southbound as you make it will pass highway 24 towards laguarta road. the traffic and we are expecting a cooler day in walnut creek.
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>>mark: a robbery foiled a al by a witness at a gas
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station. oikos university is reopening today. three weeks ago six students and a score receptionist was killed ups in the whole greenhouse effect depending on vallejo are clear safe off near the coast b.f. the fall will start to burn off by noon. if '60s around the bay with a few 70's here and there. a full attack on the weather
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coming up. warm temperatures and rain still on the horizon. >>george: we're look the of the ride on interstate 80 westbound. the upper deck of the bay bridge was sluggish right now. the metering lights have been sped in order to move the traffic more quickly. a quick commute texas heavier traffic for the east bay and south bay although 85 is still pretty light. for the peninsula and the north bay there are no real slowdown's yet. the ride in marin is 27 minutes of the golden gate. >>mark: a man in making his nightly delivery briggs of an armed robbery at a gas station. it happened at the amt and gas station. also as was at the scene.
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>>will: the cashier owns it is -- the cashier owes as live to the fuel truck driver was brave enough to go inside to break up the roughly furious truckdriver call something going on. he got behind the woman, he gave for a bear hug, they wrestled and that is when she started pointing -- stopped pointing her gun and he eventually dropped the gun. department is praising the truck driver for getting involved. for whatever reason they believe had he not gotten involved that the cash your would have been hurt or even kill. they say in most instances to not get involved is not worth your life. >>justine: with our live in a kron4 news room and
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watching as the trial for the man accused of killing the mother, brother and nephew of jennifer hudson starts today. we're watching live pictures in the cook county court house in chicago where the trial for demand will be held. he is charged with three counts of first-degree murder in the october 24th, 2008 slayings. he is the estranged husband of jennifer hudson's sister. opening statements are scheduled to start this morning. jennifer has been -- jennifer hudson is on the list of potential witnesses. i will let you know what happened as soon as more information comes in. >>mark: george zimmerman has been released from a florida jail on $150,000 bail.
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>> zimmerman says he shot treyvon martin in self- defense. >>darya: let's take a look at the big board. european debt continues to pile up despite severe budget cuts that have lead to unrest. the dow is down a 161 points. about an hour ago we spoke with david kelley. >> that data out of china. we have had a lot of issues in europe this weekend.
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>> new this morning in oakland, one person injured in a hit and run earlier this morning. the driver of a red jeep liberty crashed into another vehicle. the second vehicle fled the scene immediately. >>darya: more than half of young college graduates are underemployed or unemployed.
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>>darya: our high temperatures will not be good today after a nice long weekend. for one of sweetheart. we need to talk.
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>>mark: the cool down continues inland. we're looking for highs in the upper 50s and low 60s. mid-60's inland. a chance of a sprinkle or to tomorrow. it looks like a few light rain showers on a wednesday. widespread rain the bay area wide but nice for the weekend. temperatures will warm to near 80 for saturday and sunday. in petaluma, friends, family and students gathered to raise money for a murdered second grade teacher.
7:41 am
all >> my friend means a lot to me. another she is going through a really hard time. costs >> the fund raiser at walnut park to get about $1,000. we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. softs rule wall dallas
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>>mark: we have a fog tracker 4 is that for 8:00 a.m. and it still showing widespread cloud cover across the bay area. the peninsula and the north bay are seeing quite a bit of cloud cover. that will stay with us even until about 3:00 p.m.. here is out temperatures will play out. a better chance of warmer weather inland to the east. as you head to the south bay san jose in the mid-60s with warmer conditions further
7:45 am
south. here is your 7 day around the bay. wednesday and thursday we have a system of rolling through that will give us a widespread rain. let's get a checkup traffic with george. to monitor a pretty good commute. better conditions for the bay bridge. the metering lights have been sped up to keep the backup from growing through the macarthur maze. the metering lights for slowed after the reactivated. your ride on the san mateo bridge looking at 92, is will the commute, lighter than usual westbound. the drive time from iran is still pretty good. since traffic is a little slower on 680 southbound.
7:46 am
80, the east shore freeway i just checked the drive time. normally 26-28 minutes. it is still running in at just under that. interstate 580 is heavy into livermore looks better into dublin's of a sluggish into castro valley. 680 is slow is the head towards the sunol grade. we mentioned to the marin commute. in northern iran ride is starting to get heavier leading south toward highway 37. 29 minutes to the golden gate. with gary's. the mornings. i guess the san francisco giants are in for a double header? >>gary: yesteryears' half cup they start at 1:00 p.m.. >>gary: is the leather
7:47 am
better? >>darya: i hope so. there still is dealing with snow and rain. what did you think about the errors? the other with aubrey half? >>gary: saturday's game? the mets really blew it to let the giants afghan. the mets botched a fly ball. oasts >>darya: in 13 seasons he has never done at second base but you're going to really live with that excuse?
7:48 am
the >>gary: your natural tendency is to do what you've done. asked >>gary: if you have never played something, in normal reaction is going to be with you has done before. >>darya: have the red sox ever played before? is this their first game? >>gary: it was 9-0 and they blew it. >>darya: how the blood back? the score was used after that. >>gary: when they were honoring the red sox, 100 years at fenway park. it was the arch rival yankees.
7:49 am
this >>gary: is funny, as is one of the most famous stadiums. the red sox public. >>darya: the next matter is a red sox in the white sox. >>gary: baseball is often hilarious it keeps everyone warm until full of stars. >>darya: that was the 21st time and all of a false history.
7:50 am
>>gary: i always wonder why he did not hear about more injuries. >>darya: or someone celebrating by pounding their chests or elbowing someone. >>gary: that draw on our test issue was really ugly. >>darya: so much for world peace. this had nothing to do with accounting his chest. this guy went down with a concussion. >>gary: they should find out how long he has to be out and double that to make the
7:51 am
suspension for world peace. >>darya: into fleets, just go back to call yourself ron our test. >>gary: this guy has had nothing but trouble throughout his career. now, he is a changed man but look at that. no one provoked him. >>darya: i looked at the game saying, was the and on blocking him for the dog? nothing! he argued that he was pounding on his chest. call >>gary: there has to be a suspension.
7:52 am
holt dan wheldon >>gary: that was bad! if >>darya: of the shocks are out. we will not be talking about them. if people are still talking about the kings in the canucks. >>darya: that was really a curious method they just were not good enough. >>darya: everyone says the blues are just better. >>gary: when you have high expectations that do not come through, someone has to be the scapegoat. >>gary: there was a lot of good stuff this weekend. >>darya: it was bid times. i know you were out in the sunshine enjoying the incredible weather. >>darya: >>gary: saturday was did yesterday was a little
7:53 am
overcast. >>darya: i agree. >>darya: gary, we will see you. 7:52 a.m., we will be right back. [ girl ] my mom always tells me:
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>>mark: here is a live look at the high fog rolling in of the golden gate this morning. we are expecting the cool down to continue over the next several days as high temperatures are expected in the mid-60s. we could see a shower to tomorrow with mainly heavy drizzle and falls. wednesday, light rain showers and a thursday, widespread trade. ill looks like we will clear out and warm up as we head into next week. >>erica: juliana resnick
7:57 am
has talked openly about her yearlong struggle to conceive. they have announced the birth of a trout to research the mother. >>mark: coming up on the kron4 news, and overnight robbery broken up by a quick thinking truck driver. details ahead. the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot an unarmed teenager has been released from jail on a bill. more on george zimmerman and a nor'easter slamming the east coast right now with heavy rain for the big cities and heavy snow and wind. we will show you the latest out of pennsylvania and it new england coming up in two minutes as the kron4 news continues.
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because everyone deserves a lifetime. oakland school which is the site of the mass killing is
8:00 am
to reopen today. >>mark: tourism and is out on bail in florida. a quick update. >>james: we will begin the weather with a live look outside. here's some of the cloud cover over san francisco and the bay area as well. in this still foggy right now in irian be a partial clearing by noon. it is cooler today than yesterday's.
8:01 am
will take a look at 7 day around the bay in my next update. >>george: does heavy traffic for the bay bridge was brown. -- westbound. is there is moderate to heavy traffic in on your ride through the east bay. and pretty good canute as well along the peninsula and the north bay. >>justine: an update from the kron 4 newsroom. flights are delayed about 45 minutes.
8:02 am
that delays in philadelphia due to the storm right now. >>darya: the college in oakland is reopening after the tragic killing of the students. >>will: the students will be arriving in about an hour. he was still see the tribute for the seven students killed. some students said they will not return to this place. that is why administrators are talking about moving some of the courses to other locations. we will see if this university before the shooting will resemble a
8:03 am
what we see today. right now it is very quiet. we do expect grief counselors to arrive. for a lot of the students this is the first time they are returning. >>mark: or watching an attempted robbery at a gas station that was stopped by a truck driver. police say the noblemen entered the gas station -- able men and to the gas station. a truck driver was able to at the end her and take the gun away. this is a will mann wearing
8:04 am
a black muddy the the id desk -- a walkman--women wearing a black ready. the police say that the truck driver thought that the woman was one to shoot someone. >>darya: and the dow was down zero hundred 40 points. 140 points. >>mark: here is george zimmerman rain a paper bag leave in the sheriff's office at midnight last night. simmons says he shot trayvon martin -- zimmermann says he
8:05 am
shot trayvon martin self- defense. >>darya: hg me plan >>mark: there is this is another weekend looking for clues for sierra lamar. investigators say that a large search on saturday did not generate any new leads. the turnout was incredible.
8:06 am
>> the numbers we had the beginning were extremely high. the professionals, at the people that work involved with this before, are incredible. there are two more searches this week, up one on wednesday and was added. >>darya: in new york this search has resumed 46 year- old boy that vanished in 1979. the search is ended with no human remains being found. this is a massive search that comes after media attention talks about the
8:07 am
fact that he was the first child's face on a milk carton. >>james: >>mark: we're getting some clouds of the san francisco. it is a lot cooler this it is a lot cooler this [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds.
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without question. just look for the white check. [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. mark >> we're seeing some
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clouds over the bridge right now. unfree may -- and fremont and is now 58 degrees. >>darya: the report highlights what seeds -- pg&e knew about the is the factor of gas line. the 1989 fest occasion was not conclusive of so they were not required to test the entire line.
8:11 am
>>mark: last night on high 41 at the entrance of yosemite a big rigs started spilling bags of sulfur onto the highway. the cleanup should be binding today. >>darya: let's take a look from our walnut creek >> . it shows some sunshine and much cooler today. it shows some sunshine and much cooler today. what's the best gift you can give mom ? a powerful connection. with this droid razr by motorola on verizon 4g lte stay in touch with your loved ones on skype. plus, enjoy verizon's 4g lte network in more places. the droid razr you want, one powerful connection on america's largest 4g lte network. that's real value. give mom the droid razr by motorola.
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instantly on any screen. find out more online. >>mark: welcome back. 32 points. >>george: tracking a hot spot through marin county. couple of vehicles pulled over in the left-hand lane to exchange information which blocked the carpool lane. the travel time is up over 48 minutes. even though i believe that
8:15 am
this wreck should be cleared quickly, i still think that the drive time as corn to grow. caltrain did speed up the metering lights. those are reasons stall at the base of the incline. your sense that there bridge ride is easy this morning. the volume is beginning to increase. golden gate bridge is a snooze trip across the span. -- the golden gate bridge is a smooth trip across the span. >>darya: check out what's
8:16 am
happening on the east coast. winter perrin now they have winter. there's a storm watch from west virginia to southwest new york. the storm is expected to rent -- bring 4 in. of rain. james let's take a look at the nationwide weather as low as well as the local. >>james: we see all the light blues on the map which shows winter weather. they could get one more fight of snow in parts of new york and pennsylvania. philadelphia international
8:17 am
airport and newark airport have about an hour delay. or watching all back going on across the north east of our country. there's not much going on where we are other than some clouds. let's focus but bursting with the cloud cover right now. it is all around the bay. with an advance o'clock at noon -- a noontime. he began to see the clouds then and then by 3:00 when was the most of the clouds disappear. here's what it looks like outside. this is now mt. tam cam. he can see if he breaks here and there but it's pretty
8:18 am
cloudy out there. the temperatures in the man and possibly upper 50s in some spots. the highs this afternoon will look like this. along the coast, you are only to be in the mid fifties. it will be slightly warmer round the bay, and the low 60s there. and fairfield antioch we should expect a round the sat low seventies. let's take ad lookit the weather around the bay. as the chance of sprinkles on tuesday with a rain expected wednesday and thursday. >>mark: quick gas prices down 55. is the first major decline
8:19 am
this and gas prices since mid december. >>darya: mit romney may be the likely republican nominee but that does not mean that he has stopped campaigning. instead of mentioning his rivals, romney took aim at president obama. romney says the robot chooses to blame bush for the conditions but the thing is that obama have done have
8:20 am
not helped. open, -- obama officially gets the nominations from the democratic party. >>mark: all lan security was to determine what has transpired as far as the prostitution issue with the that secret service members and marin the wanted determine whether it was a onetime thing or on going even. >>darya: samara the judge hopes to get to the first witness in the case.
8:21 am
>>mark: take a look at this explosion and southern cal and california at this mcdonald's. a truck was carrying to propane tanks that began to leak in the back of the truck. here's what people said >> i thought a was a bomb. >> the flames were so big and i the mcdonald's was want to go on fire. >>mark: everyone escaped without injury. >>darya: let's take a live look right now. this is a picture from are mount mt. tam cam. a looks very plus tree outside. it is a lot cooler than it was yesterday.
8:22 am
back in a minute. [ male announcer ] knowing your customers
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>>james: we one of focus at the temperatures today. we will be fought '50s and '60s at 9:00 a.m. until about noon. by noon in a be in the low 60s.
8:25 am
by 3:00 and afternoon and will be warming slightly the east was the chance of some 70 is that mostly the mid- 60s the rest of the area. let's take a lookit the south bay highs. and the east we're talking about the possibility of 70 degree weather. he can see fair fail pittsburgh and antioch will be in the low seventies. the rest of the area will be in the upper 60s and the be cooler conditions up toward the coast appeared and the high fifties lower 60s. let's take a look across the bay. the possibility of rain that some are through thursday. >>mark: this was announced
8:26 am
on no. 3 in state media. the be >>darya: there was a fireball party above is there is officials say was a meteor burning up. there was a bang heard from nevada through california. officials believe that the media are broke up before reached the errors. -- meteor broke up before it hit the earth. >>mark: let more on our
8:27 am
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>> out welcome back here are the big stories and robert was foiled by a driver >> the reopening of the college in oakland. zimmerman leads jail on hundred $50,000 bail. >>george: we have a problem with the bay bridge on westbound. this was just reported by
8:30 am
the has chp. one of the vehicle is is one around in the wrong direction. the present number back up and will grow considerably. the left lane was blocked gunsmith branch road in south penn 101 but is now cleared up. at last check the drive time has dropped down to 41 minutes to go gate bridge. >>james: of walnut creek we have overcast conditions. and when you are doing ok. your the temperatures right
8:31 am
now. their 50s for now the same will season '60s. as take a walk through at today's weather today and is clouds and the temperatures of the viggle or that the wire over the weekend. wednesdays and thursdays we should have some of the chance of some shower activity. the weekend is mostly sunny. >>darya: this is just three weeks after seven people were killed at the university that the university opens >> >>will: there that this is about 30 minutes and now. we do not see any students or administers.
8:32 am
reporters are waiting here for the students arrive said the we can speak to them. you can see all the flowers and teddy bears that dropped off of the past several weeks. they are still here. there's students this still obviously have scars. mentally they had to walk by all of this. that is why some students say they aren't not quite to return here. administrator but some have talked about committing some of the classis to other locations. of other students say that the care where it goes they don't do not want to return the ball. the minister seemed to be a bit unemotional about this. they plan to have agreed counselors to help the students. some of this since we expect your arrived today of
8:33 am
around nine or nine of five. may expect the most -- the bulk of the students to read to mark. >>darya: is there any evidence of what want on? other any markers? >>will: i walked by where the shooting happened and it doesn't seem to be any evidence that the shooting happened. and i walked around the side where the secretary was shot. it was all cleaned up. there was no evidence that anything happened. but there is an eerie feeling just walking past a location. he can imagine how the students feel.
8:34 am
>>darya: thanks bill. >>mark: the dow was down. we saw that chinese manufacturing start to slow. we see the u.s. government debt began to pile up. the doubt as a be in the nasdaq off all off today. >>mark: and george zimmerman is free right now. >>darya: george zimmerman was freed over the night last night. he is wearing a bulletproof vest and he is out on hundred the the thousand dollars bond. he says that he shot 17 year-old trayvon martin in self-defense.
8:35 am
his case is part of national outrage. there's been lots of demonstrations. >>mark: ross mercury me will be scrutinized by is that this is go at thinks committee. they said that lee wants to remove me dreamy from office. city leaders say that the records may show evidence that he tried to dissuade people from helping with the investigation. >>darya: went out of college grads are either unemployed or underemployed. there is a strong demand and
8:36 am
science, education and health. it is hard to find a job and any of these decisions. statistics say that ever to% of bachelor's degree holders under the age of 25 were unemployed. >>mark: the driver of crash into another era koran to 40 this morning around 880. a second vehicle when the scene after the crash and has not been lookit. >>darya: the investigation continued of the weekend for clues on what the case of sierra lamar. there was a very large ternate -- turn out on saturday.
8:37 am
there to mourn search as planned this week. what on wednesday and once headed. >>justine: and loss of fagins another patron has suffered a heart attack but attack. it is not clear whether or her medical issues are related to the food. the menu has distance -- the menu has dishes called triple pass by pass burger. so they're not sure whether the food actually had anything to do with it case. >>mark: take a look outside can see the clouds and it is
8:38 am
cooler today than it was yesterday. back a minute.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
traffic is still slow from the top of the incline. >>mark: a man has made since in nightly delivery broke up an arm robbery. and this is near the colosseum. will tran was at the scene. >>will: the fuel truck driver was aware and nafta will go inside and break up a robbery. fuel trucks and driver wet and very quietly, got all kinds elite with the gun and wrapped his arms around her perrin the lady dropped the
8:42 am
gun. the oakland police department is praising the truck driver for getting involved. there are afraid that he had not gotten there is involved that this cashier would have been killed. reporting from o'clock oakland, a will tran. >>james: a be about 61 degrees for the game tonight. the game 3 the-stick around have highlights.
8:43 am
8:44 am
[ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters...
8:45 am
♪ the 2013 sl. mark >> welcome back the continues still watch the big drop on wall street.
8:46 am
the dow was down a hundred and 42 points. >>darya: the seattle coffee chain said that they will be opening a store inside each of the chain's of the disney properties. the be both in california and florida. >>mark: let's go to george the hot spot at the bay bridge. >>george: this could of been a lot worse. this was a to the three car crash. why did they ask kirk. the crashes on the shoulder and is still blocking any lanes. the drive time for the bay bridge was found this is the has westbound is 17
8:47 am
minutes. it started out to be bad, but with a little helped the me meeting lights was better. the earlier occurring accents and marin county is cleared up and the drive time is down to 33 minutes from that southbound highway 101 ride. usc that more traffic is getting through on the suspensions brand. your ride to the san mateo bridge as a problem free. ride for the golden gate bridge 101 south bound is an easy trip across the span. >>james: the shot from them
8:48 am
out >> looks like a rainy day out there. that is what it's like it the top of mt. tam. and here is a walnut creek. it is high and dry. there is a little hazy. there's some damp conditions it hired north bay peaks. right now it is amid the high fifties around the bay. this afternoon we will see widespread '60s with that use spot and '70s. and amid divorce '60s in south bay. in the east was seat
8:49 am
pittsburgh antioch in fairfield possibly up to 70 degrees. but the rest of the mid at the upper 60s. he concedes berkeley and oakland both coming and 61. sam and cisco 58. and the wine country is up mostly of the low 60s. the 7 day around the bay. shows some possible sprinkles tuesday but wednesday thursday at 0 is when we have we got our eye on it. >>darya: take a look at what a world peace does after making this down. he elbowed james started in the head. and that had nothing to do with anything.
8:50 am
this player rename it himself. hottest just as he says he was just jumping in celebration. >>mark: the a's beat the indians five to one. some men had to run homer. some met with a two run homer. the play a doubleheader today.
8:51 am
the sharks are not happy about the first round of the playoffs. the sharks were eliminated in the first round on saturday. they lost to the st. louis blues. they played the san louis blues 9 times and lost in the games. the blues will play the loss angeles kings. >>darya: let's take a live look right now at the bay bridge. you can see traffic moving out there and is a great day today. back in a minute.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
. >>james: let's take a quick outlook on the weather were
8:55 am
glad to be expecting this week. take a look at this guy right here this because a some issues the next few days. today is from the -- all the and cloudy out there the next few days its chance of drizzle on tuesday and showers on wednesday and thursday but the weekend will be much better with mostly sunny and warm. that is a quick run through of what we're expecting for the week we. >>erica: endless like the romance between can card ast and and kind and west -- it
8:56 am
looks like conde west and camera car-sa >>mark: lamborghini is coming out with the new suv. they're calling it a crossover. linda carquinez says that is a concept car but their point to make it. probably about 3000 a year. it shinny be hitting about 27 teen and the costa be
8:57 am
over $200,000. >>darya: the 9:00 hour we're talking about an over night robbery that was saved by a truck driver. doors to men as release from jail on inhale.
8:58 am
♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] instead, try the new subway smokehouse barbecue chicken, big bbq taste 6 grams of fat. subway. eat fresh.
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the more dirt can spread around the kitchen. that's why we created the lysol no-touch kitchen system. one solution for sparkling dishes, plus clean surfaces, plus healthy hands. all in a no-touch design. >>darya: good morning to you. as take a look at the oakland school that was the site at mainmast murder where a gunman killed 75. >>mark: and robbery was
9:00 am
foiled by a witness at a gas station. >>darya: george zimmerman is out on bail. pam moore on the trayvon martin case. >>erica: he can see this and windy in conditions in the mt. tam cam. but let's look around the bay. this morning all below low clouds fog and the coastal below the drizzle this afternoon the fog will clear this evening at later on the fog return. >>george: things have begun to come down. east bay traffic is moderate. highway 17 and south bay is
9:01 am
having. the penance let it looks good. the north bay after having been a hot spot is down to a moderate and maybe moderate to light. it is close to 30 minutes from the bottle to the cold gate bridge. >>mark: as look at wall street today. the s&p and nasdaq and the s&p are down. >>darya: at three weeks after seven people were killed as well as covering the story >> >>will: have you seen any students?
9:02 am
yes i saw some students and a few teachers. there are some obvious emotional scars here. here is the video that we got from university. you can see their flowers and a shrine built in front of the school. and be difficult for the students to walk pass this because it is a reminder of what happened, the coker -- a month ago. the administrator does not know what to do. their grief counselors here to help the students. even the administrator said that he might go see a great council. so far none of the students
9:03 am
have asked for a refund. some of the people -- students won the class is removed from this location. some administrators say that they are working on that. who will bring you sound from the teacher that arrived earlier this morning. >>darya: they did mention that the nursing students would not be in this building. >>will: it seems like many of the nurses do not want to return. the school is looking to see if they can move the class's to other locations. the administrators are also trying to get this to an options. this might be where the business administration
9:04 am
since will attend. obviously the a lot of people take care of the grease counseling. >>mark: and oakland and an attempted driver look properly at a gas station was stopped by a truck driver last night. police say that a woman entered the gas station and pulled a gun on the car. the truck driver saw this happening and got the gun away from her. she fled the scene. the police say that she is a female of doll, black, 5 ft. 5 in.. she had black or dark colored jeans and a darker the. the man it was able to
9:05 am
wrestle the gun away from the bomb and said that he was afraid that the suspect might shoot someone. the local police have told the man that he was brave to help try to solve a car -- to prevent a crime. >>mark: and george zimmerman was released from jail last night. and it looks like he has a fast on purine he is taken to an unknown location. he said that he shot trayvon martin in self-defense. this has sparked outrage and dozens of communities. >>justine: here is a video of the worst of winter the
9:06 am
of the east coast of the united states. it is bringing up to a flat of snow. this is a record snowfall for this time of year. it was very warm earlier in march. and this is following that. there are delays to the airports. the about 50,000 customers without power in new york. and in pennsylvania-the strongest winds are blowing close to the lake erie. the drivers of headed toward cleveland this morning, this is the site that they were to see.
9:07 am
>>darya: some ross mercker remy goes back to be scrutinized by the committee today this if it's as though chronicle reports that lee was remove mercury me from office. the evidence might show evidence that the sheriff tried to dissuade people from giving -- coming forth with evidence. >>mark: take a look of this picture from mt. tam. there's a drizzle and a few spots around the bay. the will be some rain later in the week. back a minute.
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
>>darya: welcome back. as a look at the bay bridge. the temperature and oakland right now it's 57 degrees degrees. >>mark: this weekend and was in at the continued the hunt for sierra lamar.
9:11 am
a large search saturday did not gather any more clues. there to more research's plan this week on wednesday and on saturday. >>darya: this your national headlines in the cold case. this is the case of aids and pays. paid tried to find other evidence to help solve the miss the case of the missing boy. this play was the first boy
9:12 am
the was that is based on milk cartons. there's no new evidence at this point. >>darya: what leads jean e. newt about exploding gas lines -- and pg&e. this these fires were caused by defective seem well. pg&e said the 89 in investigations were not inclusive of so bay did not have to test the entire pipeline for the welds. >>mark: with the the big waves on in cleveland from the storm.
9:13 am
an inland and pennsylvania and new york. they're expecting an additional 1 ft. of snow. great idea. so we'll switch to u-verse tv and internet...
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9:15 am
better call at&t. yeah. ♪ the money this is just what is just an. the news is that clark had
9:16 am
just had prostate surgery the day before he had passed he died from a heart attack. >>george: we're tracking and new hot spot. was a motorcycle accident and the southbound lane of 280. in edgewood road. piquancy, as in the single- digits to that area. since a single digit speeds for highway to 80 in the southbound. let's take a look at the upper deck of the bay bridge. there was an accident and the westbound direction on the off ramp. for while we had stopped traffic on the upper deck.
9:17 am
it will be slow going from the tower. the accident has been cleared. so through sentences though you have an easier time this take a look of the san mateo bridge. and has them problem free all your morning long. and it looks like an easy trip across the golden gate bridge. >>erica: your taking a live look from our roof can. this is doubt and severance is up. we can see the clouds was spotty sunshine. the temperatures outside the door is not too bad. it's in the upper 50s lower
9:18 am
60s. let's take a look at future cast for. or looking at fog tracker. by lunchtime the fog looks like a star in to burn off. as we advance to 3:00 when woolsey skies clear -- of around 3:00 we will see clear skies. we are much cooler in temperatures at the and we enjoyed this weekend. those of you in san jose, there is warmer conditions. it looks like will see mid- 60's for wall not create.
9:19 am
the 58 degrees expected in downtown sentences up. to have some instances of drizzle. you can take a look at the front is heading toward our area. this will bring possible drizzles tomorrow with the best that toppled probably wednesdays and thursdays. by friday of this like things warm up and we had into the weekend with a sunny weekend. >>mark: the storms and minorities and slamming the east coast. there was 90 degree temperatures throughout march and now there's a snowstorm. it is expected to be heavy rain and strong winds. in a wet western new york
9:20 am
and pennsylvania they will have heavy snow. they can have as much as a put is no and some of the inland spots. here is a live look up from cleveland. with this strong no. east wins are causing the waves on the cleveland shoreline. >>darya: mitt romney is likely to be the republican candidate but that does not mean that he stop campaigning. instead of matching his gop rivals brought a mistake for president obama. he said that he inherited the concession recession. it is true that he did not cause a recession but he did not get the recovery under way fast enough.
9:21 am
he was to take credit for any improvement but it you look at everything that he is done, what he's done has not helped. present a bomb at officially gets the nomination and the democrats to mark. >>mark: congressional committees have continued their investigation and the guiding the process toots -- prostitutes in colombia. the try to determine whether it was a one time event or not. six of the secret service members had already been fired. one has been partially cleared. and five remain on administrative leave.
9:22 am
north korean has talked about making special all actions against the south. they contend -- condemned the launching of the rocket. >>darya: there were a bunch of calls from witnesses saw a fireball going across the sky. and rattled windows and shook commerce. it was a meteor that broke up before it reached earth. >>mark: and san -- george -- >>mark: piqu
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
darya >> welcome back we are looking at a pretty nice day >>mark: cummins retrial will get under way to learn >> >>darya: and southern california one person was hurt in this mass of an explosion at a mcdonald's. a man had a leaky gas tank because the explosion. >> i thought it was a bar. heaven forbid.
9:27 am
it was bad. >> i thought mcdonald's was going to go up in fire. the women and children escape without injury. >>mark: as take a look at the golden gate branch. will be back in a moment.
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>mark: there is a rock rave well by a witness in a gas station. there's a gun there still looking at the suspect ran the diversity is reopening after guzman got -- gunmen killed at 7 since. zimmerman as out of pale.
9:30 am
the book that's out on bail. >>george: not spot is an edgewood road and to 80. it happened in the center divider. some people stopped to help. there's a single digit speeds here it is unusual slow down at an unusual location. and what had been a hot spot, the upper deck of the bay bridge is a pretty crowded but moving. even though the crash as they cleared it still little sluggish. is it about 14 the 60 minutes -- a 14-60 minutes.
9:31 am
>>erica: what is the upper 50s for oakland. those to be in sunnyvale have said at the 60 degree mark. new-line as a partial clearing as we head into the afternoon. that only will there be briggs of sunshine but the would-be clear a of the fog. and by 3:00 and albee lotus mid-60's around area by the o'clock it will be low to mid '60's of around area. >>darya: three weeks after
9:32 am
seven people were killed at the university and oakland the doorstep of the today. will tran >> we see a lot of faculty members showing up this morning. unc would people who arrive here, they will be met with a lot of a moral reformation. all of the tributes and happened of the last couple weeks and then moved into in front of the university. they will stay here until the end of the month. there are pictures of the seven massacred victims. apparently there is only one class of this building today. we get a chance to speak to the teacher the top teaches the class. the study said.
9:33 am
he said did it was time to come back. as a teacher with a plan to do they? >> i am not really sure. mcorp to talk to them them i want to let them express of the field. i am just come to play by ear. >>will: as piquancy -- as you can see, at the teacher seemed a still a little rock. we did get a chance to talk to one of the ministers. he said no one has asked for a refund.
9:34 am
if you say you have won nothing to do with this university they will refund the money. the bulk of the class is will happen to mar. we saw the administrators and some of some of the teachers arrive. the shrine is going to be emotional for people to go and a see their friends. even did mr. is no that the vigilantes and and it will end sometime next week. >>justine: o p d major reforms.
9:35 am
will have an update later. >>mark: the neighborhood watch volunteer that shot and i'm a teenager is out on a hundred $50,000 bail. he appeared to be wearing a bulletproof vest. he has a tracking/monitor the hearing device. he said he shot 17 year-old trayvon martin and self- defense. >>darya: more than half of college graduates are either unemployed or under employed. this is a strong demand in the field of science and how but isn't it is it is tough
9:36 am
job market to find something and humanities. 50 percent of the crash was under the age of 25 for jobless or underemployed. >>mark: one person was hurt in hit-and-run this morning. this happened around 230 this morning on 880. the second car fled the scene and has not been located. >>darya: this san mateo bridge has cleared out he can still see that the day is gray.
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>>george: welcome back as we continue to track as a rough ride and to 80 southbound. the crash is likely to be clear what the back up remains. what a complete traffic check coming right up. >>mark: a man making its nightly delivery price of an armed robbery at a gas station. will tran was at the scene. >>will: the deal truckdriver was alert enough to break up the robbery. he was out here is the dropping of the shipment of gas when he saw something going on. in he walks out, and gets behind this moment.
9:41 am
the lady drops the gun and leaves the scene. the police department raises the right track driver and for whatever reason they believed that he had not gone and all that the person behind the counter would have been injured. reporting from oakland, will tran >>mark: a big rigs started spilling 25 lb. bags of catalogs offer on highway 41 and the entrance of yosemite the soft dirt sparked miss small fires.
9:42 am
>>darya: the gas prices the down 55. this is the first major decline since december. some of its is posted -- said its is those $4.28. the average state why is $4.17. >>mark: will be right back and the kron 4 morning is. here's a shot from our roof camera here and san francisco. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
9:43 am
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with a 1-year price guarantee. it's the fastest internet for the price -- oooh. videos online? here? how much is that? nothin'. at&t high speed internet at home includes access here. our invisible cord is really long, dad. oooh. [ female announcer ] get access to the entire national at&t wi-fi hot spot network for no extra charge. so, call today to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ >> >>mark: a special memorial more than 100 boats are forming this giant circle. these a tire the sailor is
9:46 am
that losses sea in the boating accident. the memorial -- during a memorial, but organizers fired off five shots, one for each of the people aboard killed. >>george: this is south of edgewood road. this out bound to 80. as a motorcycle accident. he sought the sensor is up they just like that. so this is no longer a hot spot. the bay bridge has thinned out nicely. for a while and had stopped traffic on the upper deck. thankfully it was cleared quickly enough so that the
9:47 am
dried thyme and why did nicely to 14-0618 minutes. as the ec drive to the golden gate bridge. let's go to the weather with >>erica: and matt mt. tam cam can see it is really socked in. that will continue to be the case for the next couple of hours. as we move ahead you can see the fog and the clouds bay area wide. the will clear by this afternoon. and the next couple of days the fall will not be the story, of the wet weather will.
9:48 am
fog tracker for is showing that the fog cover is -- cloud cover is blanketing the whole area. the clouds will clear out some but it looks like it will stick with us for the rest of the afternoons. the temperatures today is significantly cooler than we enjoyed this weekend. as the east bay. we should pick up some low seventies. north bay we will deal with mostly cloudy conditions. los 60 for those if you situated on the peninsula as welcome we do have a another storm system headed our way. it looks like wednesday is our best bet for some wet weather.
9:49 am
temperatures start to climb after wednesday and mostly sunny conditions >>mark: the asian market is down due to the new is about the chinese manufacturing. and the european market is also down. u.s. market are following suit. that averages down of the u.s. market is about 1% trim and is down the 12,082. a >>darya: starbucks is about to perk up one of the happiest place is the card. starbucks will be opening a store inside of each of the six disney properties. there will be in california
9:50 am
and florida. the financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed. and in sports-world peace is back to his old ways. take a look at this he elbowed james hart ride in the head. he said that he was just celebrating. really that was not about as chess club. endless light heart may have had a concussion. so where are waiting to see and what kind of a suspension is a point to go against world peace.
9:51 am
despite the gain of about glow 500 they beat the indians. smith hit a two-out homer. a. as be deemed a three day -- mean game series where it domestic on a double header and your current the san jose sharks -- were eliminated the first round of the this is the sharks' fourth straight defeat after they won the opening game. >>darya: will be back with more in just a couple of minutes.
9:52 am
he can see some cloud cover with a little bit of blue sky.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
mock >> of welcome back as we continue to watch the big drop on wall street. apple is when to be reporting their quarterly statements mark your the dallas down right now to 144. -- that dow is down right now.
9:56 am
>>darya: is a look at the bay bridge to the see a good man of cloud cover purine right now and oakland and was 57 degrees purine today is a much cooler day for the next few days. a look of a day to get some high 61. it's a little cooler today. there is a chance of rain were early in on wednesday and thursday. there is a seven they forecast. >>mark: tamara there will be some sprinkles. -- tomorrow there will be some sprinkles. it looks like rain throughout the morning hours on thursday. friday will start to a clear
9:57 am
and it will warm to the '70s and afternoon and then saturday and said this will be nice and sunny. dyslexic just a few showers on wednesday and some rain that the first half of those that. >>darya: let's take a look at this new lamborghini. it is a 600 horsepower crossover. is an all wheel drive. it is just a concept car ran they are just building 3000 a year. and what else the lot. the price this $300,000 --
9:58 am
and that's today thousand dollars. that's it for today. see to mile see you tomorrow.
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